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Executive Board of Directors

Executive Director: W. Dennis Isaacs

Chairperson: Natalie Thompson, ExxonMobil

Secretary/Treasurer:  Gregory Masica, BASF

Communication: Claire Jackson, Flint Hills Resources

Environmental: Eric Miller, TOTAL

Legal Counsel: John Durkay, ISTC

PSM: David Gorsich, ExxonMobil

Program: James Riley, TOTAL

Safety: Greg Bromenshenkel, Motiva

Turnaround:  Pat Dennler, Motiva

Communications Committee

Executive Director: W. Dennis Isaacs
Chairperson: Claire Jackson, Flint Hills Resources


The Communications Committee will establish a sustainable communications plan for GTBR to ensure facility owners, contractor companies, subscribers and the public understand and participate in GTBR activities. The Committee will provide guidance and support to the GTBR Executive Committee and staff to ensure the communication plan is executed annually. The Communications Committee will assist with news release generation and media awareness of GTBR activities.


As needed, Industry of Southeast Texas public relations members will serve on the GTBR Communications Committee.

Meeting Format / Frequency

The Communications Committee will meet as often as necessary but at least annually to establish the communication plan for the calendar year.


GTBR will use a variety of communication tools to ensure open and timely communications to all levels of membership.


  • Annually, develop a communication plan to identify topics to address with membership.
  • Use variety of communication tools to reach all levels of membership, including: Monthly meetings; Email; Website; Membership surveys; Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); and Brochures.
  • Examine communication tools annually to determine if changes are necessary.
  • Establish consistent brand for GTBR and use the brand in all communications.
  • Prepare news releases to inform media of GTBR activities (i.e. Safety Awards, special guest presentations, etc.).
  • Ensure feedback loop exists for membership to share feedback with GTBR.

Environmental Committee

Executive Director: W. Dennis Isaacs
Chairperson: Eric Miller, TOTAL
Committee Charter (June 2017)


The GTBR Environmental Committee creates a forum for gathering and communicating information on critical environmental issues of mutual interest to Southeast Texas business and proactively coordinate participation in government environmental rulemaking.


GTBR Environmental Committee is functionally made up of Southeast Texas Environmental Managers (STEM).


Primary GTBR Environmental Committee activities:

o Track SE Texas environmental data
o Update every 2 years at a minimum
o Proactively communicate SE Texas environmental progress to
o Government/Regulatory Agencies
o Community leaders
o Community in general
o Communicate significant legislation, rulemaking, and policy decisions to GTBR members at regularly scheduled meetings
o Track and assess the impacts of environmental legislation proposed during scheduled legislative sessions and provide regular reports to the GTBR membership
o Provide avenue for networking
o Education on new regulations
o Compliance issues
o Support environmental initiatives affecting facility owners and contractor companies working at those sites


o Target quarterly meetings with minimum of 3 meetings per year
o Subcommittees established as needed to work issues
o Annual report on the key committee environmental focus areas

Process Safety Management Committee

Executive Director: W. Dennis Isaacs

Chairperson: David Gorsich, Exxon-Mobil Beaumont Refinery

                  GOLDEN TRIANGLE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE                                   


JULY 2017

Table of Contents:


1. Purpose/Objectives 

2. Positions and Structure 

3. PSM Committee Meeting 

4. PSM Forum Meeting 

5. Charter Review 

6. Attachment 1 – Current PSM Committee Members 

1. Purpose/Objectives

Provide a forum for golden triangle process industry to network, increase awareness on
process safety topics, understand new governmental regulations, and discuss industry events.

2. Positions and Structure

The Process Safety Committee shall consist of an industry leadership team of three members;
a Chairperson, Secretary, and an Industry Events / Regulatory Update Advisor. The
Chairperson shall be appointed by the GTBR Executive Committee and the Secretary and
Industry Events / Regulatory Update Advisor shall be filled on a voluntary basis from the
GTBR PSM Committee Membership and approved by the GTBR PSM Committee
Chairperson. Solicitation shall be held annually by the GTBR Chairperson during the first
quarter forum meeting.

. Chairperson
o Provides general direction to the PSM Committee / Forum
o Reports to GTBR Executive Committee monthly meetings
o Develops and provides agenda topics for each PSM Committee Meeting
o Facilitates the quarterly PSM Committee Forum

. Secretary
o Maintains agenda and follow-ups for PSM Committee / Forum
o Maintains minutes of PSM Committee / Forum Meetings
o Coordinates meeting invites and RSVPs for ISTC
o Maintains attendance records for both PSM Committee / Forum Meetings
o Maintains distribution lists and handles communications to that group

. Industry Events / Regulatory Update Advisor
o Discusses with PSM Committee / Forum any new significant industry incidents
that have occurred that are associated with PSM
o Develops list of any CSB/OSHA investigations (with internet links) have been
completed that should be shared with the PSM Committee / Forum members

o Provides above information to the Secretary to be distributed to PSM Committee /
Forum Members
o Discusses with PSM Committee / Forum any new significant PSM-related
regulatory activity that is in development, or recently deployed
o Provides above information to the Secretary to include in meeting minutes that
will be mailed to PSM Committee / Forum members

3. PSM Committee Meetings

Depending on the need, the PSM Committee Chairperson may schedule meetings with the
PSM Committee to discuss annual objectives, deliverables, schedules, etc.

4. PSM Committee Forum

A quarterly PSM Forum meeting will be held to offer information sharing to a broader group
from the Golden Triangle area. The meeting will be held at ISTC with lunch provided. The
group will target a minimum of three (3) meetings per year.

At this quarterly meeting, the agenda will cover:

. Process Safety Committee Updates
o Sharing of pertinent industry events
o Sharing of pertinent regulatory changes or updates

. Special Topic with designated speaker
. Open round table discussion

5. Charter Review

. The charter will be reviewed by the Process Safety Committee once per year, at the 1st
Quarter Committee Meeting.
. Revisions will be made and communicated to the PSM Forum at the 1st Quarter Forum

Attachment 1 – 2017 PSM Committee Membership


David Gorsich       




Industry Events/
Regulatory Updates


Program Committee

Executive Director: W. Dennis Isaacs
Chairperson: James Riley, TOTAL

Charter Statement (June 2017)


Provide quality speakers who are informative, knowledgeable on the subject, and effective presenters.

Meeting Format/Frequency

The Program Committee has 3-4 meetings per year to discuss and select the speakers for the Monthly GTBR Luncheon.


Educate our membership on current business issues/activities affecting the operation and/or maintenance of their facilities


Ensure programs are aligned with membership.
Maintain/Recruit 8-10 members for committee with diverse backgrounds necessary for accurate assessment of current issues and interest.
Maintain/grow attendance at monthly luncheon

Safety Committee

Executive Director:  W. Dennis Isaacs

Chairperson: Greg Bromenshenkel, MOTIVA

Charter Statement (August 2017) 


 To improve contractor safety performance in the Golden Triangle through proactive programs   involving owners and contractors.


Committee membership consists of representatives of owners and contractors who are current members of the GTBR plus representation from ISTC.  The Safety Committee at times during the awards process will hold separate Owner and Contractor meetings.

Key Pursuits:

  1. Provide a formal owner interface with the Industrial Safety Training Council
  2. Educate and share information on OSHA Regulations and Compliance Issues
  3. Educate and share relevant safety topics, improvement areas and/or incidents where applicable.
  4. Implement the annual Contractor Safety Awards Program
  5. Review /Implement ISTC Annual Safety Survey
  6. Provide relevant monthly safety topics applicable to both owners and contractors.

Meeting Frequency:

  1. Monthly
  2. Additional meetings for Awards Program

What has worked well

  • Contractor Awards Program. Continued improvements implemented each year.  Attention to details a key for the 2016 Awards Program.
  • Better attendance at monthly meetings.
  • Monthly topic selection and presentations

Improvement Opportunities

  • Continual update of the audit process.
  • Communication method to contractors submitting “Books” as part of awards program
  • Improvements of the Audit Process and Subject Matter
  • Improvements of the Book Grading Process
  • Additional participation in meetings are relevant topics.

Turnaround Committee

Executive Director:  W. Dennis Isaacs

Chairperson: Pat Dennler, Motiva

Charter Statement (October 2017)


The Turnaround Committee’s purpose is to forecast the occurrence of major turnarounds occurring in the community.


The following guidelines will govern the conduct of the turnaround committee:

  1. All participation is strictly voluntary.  Individuals representing members may participate as observers and refuse to provide information.
  1. Individuals who appear will be understood to represent a specific facility but cannot and will not make representations regarding any other facility.
  1. The activity will be chaired and supervised by a representative of the Golden Triangle Business Roundtable who will have total say over who may be present and over the final report.  The results will be reported to the Executive Director who may attend the meetings.  The Executive Director in turn should publicize the results in the same manner as the manpower survey.
  1. No individual will report any numbers regarding needed workers.  Instead, the individual will only report whether the turnaround is major, mid-sized or small.  The individual will report a range of when the turnaround will possibly occur.  That report, all will understand, does not bind that member to perform the turnaround at that time.  Under no circumstances will the individual report the specific unit, any losses in production, by quantity or by product, or the extent of the turnaround, either in specific hours, in dollars or in total lost production time.  Special care must be taken to avoid any references to any unusual craft or procurement requirements.  Nothing precludes an individual representing a member from altering his announcement based on other announcements.  However, all understand again that no announcement binds any member.
  1. The turnaround activity will not and cannot be used to collaborate with competitors, to artificially extend the length of time of lost production, to make raw material purchase or product sales decisions, to evaluate, criticize or grade contractors, or to deceive competitors or the public with false, misleading or inaccurate information.
  1. No participant may provide to the meeting any information regarding contractor performance or availability, the identity of who will be performing the work, the numbers or nature of the crafts required to perform the work, lost production contemplated, the specific unit involved or any other information which can be considered key operating information.  To the extent possible participants who can limit their reports to information already publicized should do so.
  1. The Golden Triangle Business Roundtable should make every effort to insure that Counsel is present for the sessions.  Counsel’s instructions regarding the conduct of the meeting must be complied with and Counsel can and may terminate the activity or expel participants for failure to comply with these guidelines.

The activity should not and cannot be used as a tool for collaboration with competitors to control the cost of purchase of construction services.

 Meeting Format / Frequency

The committee is to meet as often as felt needed, but no more than three times during the year.  The schedule will occur in contemplation of the three construction seasons, but may occur less frequently and cover multiple seasons.

Meetings are roundtable discussion of the current turnaround schedule.  Meetings are held at the Golden Triangle Business Roundtable, 2901 Turtle Creek Drive, Suite #440, Port Arthur, TX 77642.


To forecast a three-year turnaround schedule that will enable area educators, school districts, craft training organizations, and safety training organizations to plan their curricula, potential student enrollment, and staff necessary to accommodate the increased surge in manpower.

The activity of the turnaround committee will also assist area governmental and related manpower planning agencies, such as the Texas Workforce Commission and the Southeast Texas Workforce Alliance to plan for resources and retraining of displaced workers.

Additionally, the forecasted turnaround schedule should also help area police departments, Texas Department of Public Safety, area realtors, hotel/motel and rental realtor associations plan for any increase in migration workers to our area.      


Maintain and update the three-year turnaround schedule of major turnarounds occurring in the community and share this information with identified participants in the industrial community.