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Turnaround Committee

Executive Director:
W. Dennis Isaacs
Mike Forse, Valero – PA 

GTBR Turnaround Committee
Charter Statement


The Turnaround Committee’s purpose is to forecast the occurrence of major turnarounds occurring in the community.


The following guidelines will govern the conduct of the turnaround committee:

1. All participation is strictly voluntary. Individuals representing members may participate as observers and refuse to provide information.

2. Individuals who appear will be understood to represent a specific facility but cannot and will not make representations regarding any other facility.

3. The activity will be chaired and supervised by a representative of the Industrial Safety Training Council who will have total say over who may be present and over the final report. The results will be reported to the Executive Director who may attend the meetings. The Executive Director in turn should publicize the results in the same manner as the manpower survey.

4. No individual will report any numbers regarding needed workers. Instead, the individual will only report whether the turnaround is major, mid-sized or small. The individual will report a range of when the turnaround will possibly occur. That report, all will understand, does not bind that member to perform the turnaround at that time. Under no circumstances will the individual report the specific unit, any losses in production, by quantity or by product, or the extent of the turnaround, either in specific hours, in dollars or in total lost production time. Special care must be taken to avoid any references to any unusual craft or procurement requirements. Nothing precludes an individual representing a member from altering his announcement based on other announcements. However, all understand again that no announcement binds any member.

5. The turnaround activity will not and cannot be used to collaborate with competitors, to artificially extend the length of time of lost production, to make raw material purchase or product sales decisions, to evaluate, criticize or grade contractors, or to deceive competitors or the public with false, misleading or inaccurate information.

6. No participant may provide to the meeting any information regarding contractor performance or availability, the identity of who will be performing the work, the numbers or nature of the crafts required to perform the work, lost production contemplated, the specific unit involved or any other information which can be considered key operating information. To the extent possible participants who can limit their reports to information already publicized should do so.

7. The Roundtable should make every effort to insure that Counsel is present for the sessions. Counsel’s instructions regarding the conduct of the meeting must be complied with and Counsel can and may terminate the activity or expel participants for failure to comply with these guidelines. The activity should not and cannot be used as a tool for collaboration with competitors to control the cost of purchase of construction services.

Meeting Format / Frequency

The committee is to meet as often as felt needed, but no more than three times during the year. The schedule will occur in contemplation of the three construction seasons, but may occur less frequently and cover multiple seasons.  Meetings are roundtable discussion of the current turnaround schedule. Meetings are held at Industrial Safety Training Council, 3749 Highway 69 N., Beaumont, TX.


To forecast a three-year turnaround schedule that will enable area educators, school districts, craft training organizations, and safety training organizations to plan their curricula, potential student enrollment, and staff necessary to accommodate the increased surge in manpower.

The activity of the turnaround committee will also assist area governmental and related manpower planning agencies, such as the Texas Workforce Commission and the Southeast Texas Workforce Alliance to plan for resources and retraining of displaced workers.

Additionally, the forecasted turnaround schedule should also help area police departments, Texas Department of Public Safety, area realtors, hotel/motel and rental realtor associations plan for any increase in migration workers to our area.


Maintain and update the three-year turnaround schedule of major turnarounds occurring in the community and share this information with identified participants in the industrial community.