Golden Triangle Business Roundtable
2901 Turtle Creek Drive
Suite 440
Port Arthur, TX 77642
P.O. Box 1816
Nederland, TX 77627

Communication Committee


Executive Director:
W. Dennis Isaacs
Carol Hebert, BASF



GTBR Communications Committee

(May 23, 2017)


The Communications Committee will establish a sustainable communications plan for GTBR to ensure facility owners, contractor companies, subscribers and the public understand and participate in GTBR activities. The Committee will provide guidance and support to the GTBR Executive Committee and staff to ensure the communication plan is executed annually. The Communications Committee will assist with news release generation and media awareness of GTBR activities.


As needed, Industry of Southeast Texas public relations members will serve on the GTBR Communications Committee.

Meeting Format / Frequency

The Communications Committee will meet as often as necessary but at least annually to establish the communication plan for the calendar year.


GTBR will use a variety of communication tools to ensure open and timely communications to all levels of membership.


  • Annually, develop a communication plan to identify topics to address with membership.
  • Use variety of communication tools to reach all levels of membership, including:
    • Monthly meetings;
    • Email;
    • Website;
    • Membership surveys;
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); and
    • Brochure
  • Examine communication tools annually to determine if changes are necessary.
  • Establish consistent brand for GTBR and use the brand in all communications.
  • Prepare news releases to inform media of GTBR activities (i.e. Safety Awards, special guest presentations, etc.).
  • Ensure feedback loop exists for membership to share feedback with GTBR.